How You Can Earn As A Chef

Forget one, we'll give you three ways to earn!


Food Preparation

This is by far the easiest way to earn on Zestyer. You simply sign up and list your foods. We are constantly gaining new diners and are always working to connect them with chefs.

Chefs work on their own schedule and set their own prices. The flexibility of working on your own schedule and setting your own prices gives chefs a lot of freedom in how much they can earn on Zestyer.

As a chef, you should always customize your foods as much as possible. Customization is where a majority of money can be made. Adding toppings to a pizza, or adding a drink, reasonably costs cents and chefs can charge dollars for such items.

It's important to price well. Finding the optimal amount to charge for an item is learned through trial and error. Established chefs can earn more because their items tend to rank higher. We recommend marking down items by 10% compared to established competition like restaurants and other chefs. Learn more about pricing in the Getting Started As A Chef article.



Another way to earn money as a chef is to deliver. Delivery is a harder way to earn money online through Zestyer, as you limit your ability to complete orders, when you are out for delivery. However, delivery is expected to be overpriced. A chef can earn a lot from enabling delivery. Check your local delivery prices for chain restaurants, match their prices, and see if delivery is something that is plausible for you. Additionally, you may choose to set your delivery constant and rate to $0.00, to attract customers. Setting your delivery prices to $0.00, will rank your foods for free delivery.

There is no need to undercut delivery prices as you are the only one who can deliver your food.

Additionally, delivery prices are always based on the distance between the chef's kitchen and the diner's location even though you may have multiple orders in one journey. Keep this in mind and you can optimize and profit heavily from delivery.


Referral Program

If done right, the referral program can be very profitable. It is available to select chefs we contact, or who contact us.

An affiliate would receive a portion of proceeds for a limited number of orders for every diner or chef they refer to Zestyer with their referral code. This portion is usually cents, so this method of earning is best for entities that already have a large following.

The referral (affiliate) program is especially recommended and designed for existing restaurants. If an establishment refers a diner, after they eat there, they can profit off of that person after the person has left their establishment.

Learn more about the referral program here.

If you believe you are qualified, please contact for more information.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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This is part 2 of the 6 part series Becoming A Chef. Read part 3 here.

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