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Online Support

The online support system is a feature introduced the 14th of March, 2018. This support system is an instant messenger that lets you chat directly with a live Zestyer representative. To get there, you must be logged in, scroll all the way down to the footer, located at the bottom of every page, and click "Online Support". You will see a column along the left with all your previous support chats. At the end of the column you will see a button "Submit A Service Request". Clicking this button lets us know that you are in need of assistance.

Click to Enlarge the Submit Service Request Image.

Submit Service Request

We will accept your request and you will see a new card appear in the left column. Clicking on this card will bring you to the new chat on the right hand side. You can now communicate with the service agent using the textbox at the bottom of the page. You also have the ability to upload files. These files are only accessible by the representative. Once you select the file, it will be automatically uploaded. Please make sure you select the correct file.

Click to Enlarge the Chat Image.


Once you have been supported (that's not the right word for it), the service agent will close the request. You may also close the request by clicking the "Withdraw Your Service Request" button. The chat will then be archived, accessible by you whenever you'd like. You can also click this button if you've submitted a service request by accident.

At any time you can see if a service request is opened on your behalf by scrolling down to the footer. You will see a link at the very bottom saying "Service Code: [Your Service Code]". The service code is a unique code used for reference by us.

Click to Enlarge the Service Code Image.

Service Code

Our agents are online from 9AM EST to 2AM EST that's 6AM PST to 11PM PST and are happy to help, so let us know if you need help with Zestyer.

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Keywords online, support, system, help, live, representative, talk, chat, order, food, earn, money, online, marketplace, app, zestier, zestyer


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