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What is Zestyer & Why Should You Care?

Zestyer is a food marketplace where users can order foods from other users.

If you like cooking, baking, grilling, sizzling, or frying you'll love Zestyer. When you sign up and become a chef, you can sell your culinary masterpieces on Zestyer to other users. You earn money from cooking!

Why Cook for Zestyer?

Be Your Own Boss: You're not ordered around. You're not told what to cook or when to cook it. Our job is simply to help you: to get more diners onto Zestyer and ordering your delicious foods. We are here to bring you success.

Work From Home: We know you do your best work when you're in the comfort of your own personal space. With Zestyer, you get to work right out of your kitchen! No new places, no unfamiliar equipment, no commute. Don't worry, we keep your address private until a person is coming to pick up their order, or choose to always deliver.

Set Your Own Hours: Work as much as you'd like. No boss to call if you're late. Take off for your friend's event, or your children's games, or a family event. No one will fire you. You truly get the freedom to set your own hours with Zestyer.

A True Source of Steady Income: You do real work here. It's not a questionable marketing gig, or a some erratic day trading job. You do real work and get paid consistently.

Cashless: Zestyer is cashless. Meaning, you always get paid for the work you do. Complete an order, and the money goes right into your bank account, same day! No waiting, no minimums.

Meet New People: Preparing food for someone is a personal event. Form new relationships and get to know your community with the time honored tradition of cooking.

Less Stress: Cooking is calming, fun, and relaxing. No many jobs are. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that being a chef is the 10th most satisfying job you can have.

Support Children, a Family Member, or Save for the Future: Children, family, retirement? It's not possible to hold many full time jobs and they rarely fulfill the wants in this day and age. Zestyer allows you to support your income so you can support those close to you. When it comes to taxes, you get a simple 1099-K form at the end of the year. Filing is easy, and we'll help you if you need it.

Create a Better Work-Life Balance: Make more time for your friends and family. Spend more time at work. You get to decide. No hourly requirements here! Zestyer is easy to do on the side with predictable hourly rates and business hours.

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Let's See How Much You'll Earn On Zestyer

Fill out this simple form and we'll give you an estimate on how much you can earn with Zestyer.

Postal Code:

Work Times:

The estimator only works in Ohio. However, Zestyer is available everywhere in the United States.


You can make around $0.00/Hour for a total of $0.00/Day!

That's $0.00 per Month if you work 5 days a week and $0.00 per Year if you work 45 weeks a year!

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  • Hey! That's a decent chunk of change!

  • We'll get you started earning on Zestyer right now! We'll give you

  • $10
  • Cash &

  • Free Food Packaging

Follow these steps and you'll be set up to start earning on Zestyer and get 10 dollars for it.

Referral Code: Make sure to ENTER THE REFERRAL CODE "parmachef". Don't worry if you forgot. We'll add it to your profile, when you're being verified to become a chef.

Apply to Become a Chef: To become a chef, you have to apply. Click on the chef profile button in the navigation bar to get to the application form. As a chef, you sell food to other users. You need to meet certain standards and pass a background check.

Related: Check out How To Become a Chef for details about the chef on boarding process.

Become a Chef: Not a step you do. Zestyer will look over your information and verify you. Congrats! You can now list foods. At this point if we see you're in the Parma OH area, we'll add the referral code to your profile.

Turn on Chef Phone-Text Confirmation: Phone-Text Confirmation will text you every time an order is placed. The option is found on your chef page, in the edit chef profile tab.

List a Food: Easiest step! This is what you signed up for. List foods you'd like to sell on Zestyer!

Related: Check out Getting Started As A Chef for some information about pricing and your duties as a chef.

Related: Check out How The Zestyer Search Works for some information about how to rank high in the search.

That's it! You'll get a crisp 10 dollar bill and food packaging in the mail! More importantly, you'll be all set up to start earning from your passion!


We're looking for talented chefs in the Parma Ohio area. You need to be located in one of the following postal codes to qualify for this promotion.

    • 44109

    • 44111

    • 44129

    • 44130

    • 44131

    • 44133

    • 44134

    • 44135

    • 44136

    • 44142

    • 44144

    • 44147

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So What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up Today!

Join hundreds of others who earn money by cooking! Have a question? Email us at or contact us through our social media.

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The Plan

The orders won't start flying in...

This is part of our Ohio launch. We're just getting started and sadly, these things take time. We're a small startup and before you can start cooking full time, we need to build up Zestyer. Right now, we're focusing on chefs. Once we have a substantial number of chefs, we'll start focusing on diners.

So, if you don't get orders, don't get discouraged and don't quit. Stick with us and we promise you'll be happy with what Zestyer can do for you!

We recommend turning on Phone-Text Confirmation. Phone-Text Confirmation will text you every time an order is placed with you. The option is found on your chef page, in the edit chef profile. You'll be notified and then you can confirm and make the order!

We also recommend following Zestyer on all of our social medias: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as rating us on the App Store and Play Store. We'd don't post often and we don't post anything of too much importance, but it helps spread the word. Which we also recommend. Tell your friends and family about Zestyer. It helps a lot. Thanks.

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Keywords giveaway, promotion, 10 dollars, ohio, parma, earn, money, order, food, online, marketplace, app, zestyer


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