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As a new start up, we are excited and honored to be written about. Here is some information about Zestyer and what we do. There is a set of documents at the end to help you write, record, and/or share your thoughts on Zestyer.

The Pitch

Zestyer is a food marketplace. Users can buy food from or sell food to other users. Simply sign up and start selling or ordering. Both the cooking role (chefs) and ordering role (diners), sign in to the same account. You can get to ordering as soon as you sign up. The chef role, or the ability to sell food, is disabled by default. A user needs to apply and be approved to be a chef. Read more about the roles and chef verification (approval to sell) below.

Our mission is to change how we 'do' food. We don't want to keep going back to the same few restaurants over and over just to order the same frozen, prepackaged and flavorless foods again and again. We want to deliver new foods. To give people a taste of different cultures. And, at the same time, let the people of those cultures earn. Why do we buy food from chains? Even the people in charge rarely eat at their own establishment. Zestyer chefs prepare their foods in their own kitchens from the same fresh ingredients you buy at your local store. You won't find a walk-in freezer stuffed with frozen meats, vegetables, and sauces in any of our chefs' kitchens because they're not restaurants. Zestyer is better. Zestyer chefs express themselves with their food. It's not a paycheck, it's a meal. With Zestyer, diners get authentic, delicious meals.

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Who is Zestyer for?

Zestyer has two sides: the users who prepare and sell food and the users who buy food. Both sides are managed through the same account. When you sign up, you get a chef profile and a diner profile. Your diner profile is ready to go as soon as you sign up. Your chef profile is disabled by default. To become a chef, you need to be onboarded. Read more about this below.

Chefs sell food on Zestyer. Chefs are people who are passionate about cooking. Chefs are people who want to work from home and earn money online, doing what they love. We make sure chefs are friendly, responsible, and passionate about delivering diners the utmost service and delicious foods. Becoming a chef is easy, albeit takes some time.

Please read the Becoming A Chef Series for information on how to become a chef.

Diners buy food from chefs. Anyone can be a diner. All you have to do is sign up and start ordering. All of our chefs pass a background check and we check in with them regularly to make sure everything is going well. We monitor chefs very closely. If you would feel comfortable ordering from a restaurant, feel comfortable ordering from a Zestyer chef.

Where is Zestyer?

Zestyer currently has a website The website gets all the new features first. The website is currently the only way to be a chef.

Zestyer also has mobile apps for iOS and Android. These apps are for diners. Most actions you can do on the website can be done through the app. We try to make both the iOS and Android apps the same.

Android App | iOS App

Zestyer has also released mobile apps for chefs. An article has been written about their release. Read more about the Zestyer Chef app here.

Chef Android App | Chef iOS App

Zestyer is currently available in all 50 states of the United States of America, however we focus on key cities. These are displayed on the home page

How it works

Users who sign up get two different profiles: a chef profile and a diner profile. As a diner all you have to do is verify your email and then you can search and view all the foods in your area. When you see something you like, you can order it. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

A charge on the card takes place when the chef confirms the order. Until the diner releases the funds, which is an action on the receipt, Zestyer will hold the funds. Rest assured, if you feel wronged by a chef, they cannot get your payment.

Once an order is place, the chef must confirm it. Once confirmed, a receipt is created for the order. Both the chef and diner can access the receipt and perform actions on the order. This may include chatting with the other party or simply moving the order to the next state.

A list of all order states/statuses as well as their meanings.

Once the diner is satisfied with their order, he/she must release the funds. If a diner is unsatisfied, they may dispute the order. A live Zestyer representative will contact both the diner and chef to sort the matter. A maximum of 6 weeks is assigned to every dispute; however we try to get disputes resolved within days.

When Should a Diner Dispute an Order?


We've included some screenshots of the website and apps. Feel free to use these without any attribution.

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