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What is Zestyer & Why Should You Care?

Zestyer is a food marketplace where users can buy foods from other users.

If you like cooking, baking, grilling, sizzling, or frying you'll love Zestyer. When you sign up and become a chef, you can sell your culinary masterpieces on Zestyer to other users. You earn money from cooking!

Why Cook for Zestyer?

Be Your Own Boss: You're not ordered around. You're not told what to cook or when to cook it. Our job is simply to help you: to get more diners onto Zestyer and ordering your delicious foods. We are here to bring you success.

Work From Home: We know you do your best work when you're in the comfort of your own personal space. With Zestyer, you get to work right out of your kitchen! No new places, no unfamiliar equipment, no commute. Don't worry, we keep your address private until a person is coming to pick up their order. You could also choose to deliver exclusively, and your address will never be shown.

Set Your Own Hours: Work as much as you'd like. No boss to call if you're late. Take off for your friend's event, your children's games, or a family gathering. No one will fire you. You truly get the freedom to set your own hours with Zestyer.

A True Source of Steady Income: You do real work here. It's not a questionable marketing gig, or some erratic day trading job. You do real work and get paid consistently.

Cashless: Zestyer is cashless. Meaning, you always get paid for the work you do. Complete an order, and the money goes right into your bank account, same day! No waiting, no minimums.

Meet New People: Preparing food for someone is a personal event. Form new relationships and get to know your community with the time honored tradition of cooking.

Less Stress: Cooking is calming, fun, and relaxing. Not many jobs are. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that being a chef is the 10th most satisfying job you can have.

Support Children, a Family Member, or Save for the Future: Children, family, retirement? It's not possible to hold many full time jobs with such obligations and if you can they rarely fulfill your wants. Zestyer allows you to supplement your income so you can support those close to you. When it comes to taxes, you get a simple 1099-K form at the end of the year. Filing is easy, and we'll help you if you need it.

Create a Better Work-Life Balance: Make more time for your friends and family. Spend more time at work. You get to decide. No hourly requirements here! Zestyer is easy to do on the side with predictable hourly rates and business hours.

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Let's See How Much You'll Earn On Zestyer

Fill out this simple form and we'll give you an estimate on how much you can earn with Zestyer.

Postal Code:

Work Times:

The form is invalid. Please fill out all parts and/or try a different, more popular postal code near you. Despite the estimator, Zestyer has been tested and validated in all 50 states of the United States. So if you're in the United States, sign up and see what Zestyer has to offer.

Location: No Location

You can make around $0.00/Hour for a total of $0.00/Day!

That's $0.00 per Month if you work 5 days a week and $0.00 per Year if you work 45 weeks a year!

This estimate is primarily based on 2016 data from the United States Census Beureau. Specifically, income, household expenditures on restaurant, and restaurant earnings. Localities with little or no data were combined with surrounding areas until the area has sufficient data. Work Times in the late night may be inaccurate, although no results are guaranteed.

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So What Are You Waiting For?

Join hundreds of others who earn money by cooking! Have a question? Email us at or contact us through our social medias.

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This is part 1 of the 6 part series Becoming A Chef. Read part 2 here.

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Keywords reasons, chef, earnings estimator, earnings calculator, becoming a chef series, order, food, earn, money, online, marketplace, app, zestier, zestyer


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