What Makes Zestyer Better Than Restaurants?

The problem is restaurants are too expensive... Let's elaborate.

When the purpose of a restaurant is to serve food to patrons, it does not make much sense to employ hosts/hostesses, dish cleaners, cleaners, waiters/waitresses, as well as to rent out large spaces and spend money on advertising. Of course, a good dining experience has its place but the factors listed apply to almost every restaurant, even ones that don't have good dining experiences. There are many more problems with traditional restaurants. This article is a list that describes the problems and then describes how Zestyer solves them.

1. Restaurants have a lot of staff - hosts/hostesses, dish cleaners, cleaners, waiters/waitresses, etc.

Restaurants need a lot of staff. Much of the staff serves purposes that can be forgone if the idea of a restaurant is rethought. Every restaurant needs kitchen staff, service staff, and cleaning staff. The kitchen staff prepares the dishes. The service staff greets, seats, and exchanges food with you (in the case of delivery, delivery drivers are considered service staff). And the cleaning staff cleans dishes, the interior and so on.

That's a lot of positions to fill, which means a lot of paychecks to cut. Even if the same person does multiple jobs, it's a lot of work which just means fewer but larger paychecks.

So how does Zestyer solve this? By making it one person, the Zestyer chef. But, that's still a lot of jobs. Yes, but the Zestyer chef is the direct beneficiary of the earnings. Restaurants have owners who decide how to pay everyone and how to keep part of the profits for themselves. Zestyer chefs are the owners of their Zestyer businesses. They don't need to cut paychecks. Everything you pay them is their profit. There is far more incentive to work and do good work when you get to keep all of the profit while also receiving ratings and building a repeat customer base loyal to YOU. But, a service staff is important. Yes, a good service staff enriches the customer experience, however, the service staff's purpose is to relay information from the diners to the chefs. For the first task, it's much easier to use a phone and message the chef directly. Nothing can be lost in translation and it's faster. This is exactly what Zestyer chat allows you to do. And when food is brought, it's a much more enriching experience to talk with the chef behind the food rather than the person who talked to the chef behind the food. But, a cleaning staff is certainly necessary; I want my utensils to be clean and I want my food to be prepared in a clean environment. This is a very valid concern; however, it has no basis. Zestyer avoids plates and utensils by not offering a dine in experience for any of our chefs. We completely avoid doing dishes, and especially doing dishes poorly, by making sure chefs give diners adequately packaged foods in disposable containers. As for keeping chef's kitchens clean, Zestyer does this better too. Restaurants are large spaces that are locked at night and that no one ever stays in for more than 8 hours. Zestyer chefs cook from home. People live in their homes. Restaurant staff keep their own homes a lot cleaner than they keep the restaurants they work at. And the owners of restaurants will rarely clean their own place, much like everyone cleans their own house. They may hire cleaners who may do a poor job. Whereas, it's a guarantee that Zestyer chefs will clean their kitchens to a degree that even they would feel comfortable preparing and eating food there. Now, that's a testament to the cleanliness of Zestyer.

Restaurants also have a large amount of people who have access to your food from ingredients to table top. There is usually a kitchen staff of more than one, service staff of more than one, and a delivery driver. Most of who don't require a background check or any sort of vetting to be hired. Zestyer chefs, on the other hand, are thoroughly screened and are background checked. They are the only people who have access to your food while it's being prepared. Read more about the safety of Zestyer chefs versus other types of restaurants here.

2. Business costs are high - marketing, plates, tables, renting property, etc.

Restaurants also have a large amount of secondary costs that greatly diminish profits and do not affect the taste of the food. Plates, tables, chairs, table skirts, coasters, utensils, and many other amenities need to be replaced. Rents need to be paid and ads need to be put up. However, these don't contribute to the dining experience as much as the food's taste and service does.

Zestyer gets rid of a lot of these expenses. First, Zestyer gets rid of the dine in experience. Diners can take their food and go enjoy it wherever or with whomever they'd like. Compared to all of the financial upkeep of a restaurant, Zestyer chefs just need to buy disposable containers, which we send out free of charge frequently. Second, Zestyer gets rid of rent. Restaurants need to pay rent, tax or whatever the reoccurring cost of owning land is in their particular area. With Zestyer, chefs work from home. Paying tax or rent for your home is something every single chef already does. Zestyer does not increase chefs' costs or put the stress of an additional bill onto them.

Marketing is a large cost for restaurants, because the best foods don't always get made. The best marketed foods are the ones that get made. This is a flawed system. Zestyer becomes the marketer for everyone. When you sign up, that's all you need to do. No need to spend money on marketing or advertising. The Zestyer team markets for you. Whenever we on board a new chef, we must pay a certain amount of money in administrative costs. We are invested in your success and, more importantly, invested equally in everyone's success. We hold no bias against you when you first start out and we need to recoup our costs. So, we try to get every on boarded chef as many orders as fast as possible. We are constantly working to sign up diners and make sure we match new chefs with diners. If you get an order and the diner likes it our system will show your results higher in search, and get you more orders faster. If the diner doesn't like it, a chef may wait for another order. The best foods naturally rise to the top and, with Zestyer, the best foods rather than the best marketed foods get made. This system favors good and new chefs, rather than the ones who spend the most on advertising. Read more about search and how foods are found/ranked here.

3. With such high costs, restaurants lose focus.

With all these unnecessary expenses, profits are low for restaurants. Restaurants find ways to cut corners, like purchasing ingredients in bulk and freezing them. Such ingredients loose flavor. Restaurants lose focus on what a restaurant is truly about: the food.

Here, at Zestyer, we place a lot more value on the taste and quality of the food than restaurants who are worrying about making rent. We skip the amenities that are standard for a restaurant and choose to focus on delivering tastier food to you. It's estimated that you wait an average of 26 minutes and pay and average of $8.78 per person over the cost of the actual meal that person enjoyed. In some restaurants the combination of ingredients in a certain way is certainly worth $8.78 but in others it's not. Regardless, we believe in all cases, the majority of that money should be going to the person who made the meal, the chef. And that's where it goes when you order with Zestyer. With this setup chefs are more motivated to cook and create better foods for you.

4. Customization and requests are difficult. Pricing is uncertain, payment is uncertain. Food is uncertain. Preparation is uncertain.

The final problem with restaurants is really more of a gripe. When you order food from a restaurant, it's taboo to ask for requests, or to customize your food, or know exactly how much you'd be paying after tips and tax.

Zestyer solves this by having it all built into the system. You can request something with a special request. You can customize your food with predefined customizations inputted by the chef. Before you click "order", you know exactly how much you're paying and for what you're paying. You're guaranteed your order or your money back by using Zestyer. Read more about the Zestyer Guarantee here.

Plus, you know exactly what you're getting. Every food on Zestyer requires at least one picture. How many times have you wondered which plate the waiter/waitress is carrying belongs to you? It's because you have no idea what your meal looks like. With Zestyer, you know exactly what to expect. Chefs can upload photos of their kitchen, which are viewable on the public chef page of every chef. Personally, I've only seen the kitchen of one restaurant because my friend worked there. It was not what I hoped for. If I were to choose where my food was to be prepared, I would rather choose my own kitchen than that restaurant's. Most people will never know where restaurant food is prepared, or what your food looks like. But Zestyer solves all of this by providing transparency with relevant and useful information.

Zestyer gets rid of many of the costs. Zestyer motivates chefs by paying them directly. Zestyer brings more selection by offering no startup costs. More talented chefs can start cooking and current chefs can start earning more. This competition leads to better food. So what are the drawbacks?

Sacrifices You Make With Zestyer

As a diner, you sacrifice the dine in experience. Zestyer aims to bring better food to your plate, but if you like to be greeted, seated, asked how your meal is, and spend the average 26 minutes talking with others, you won't get that with Zestyer. The Zestyer team views this as a positive. We would rather eat with friends and family whose company we enjoy, in the comfort of our own home, than in a restaurant, in the company of hosts/hostesses who are paid to be there.

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