Zestyer Credits

Credits are a feature introduced 14th of March, 2018.

What Are Zestyer Credits?

Credits are Zestyer currency pinned at the very simple conversion rate of 1 credit to $1. You can spend your credits in place of dollars when spending on anything except for credits, that is, you can't buy credits with credits. In fact, you may not even need to add a card and just use credits instead.

With the introduction of credits you now have the term wallet - meaning your current credit count in dollars. Wallet refers to only redeemed credits, not to any other purchases.

How Do I Get Credits?

All credit actions occur on the wallet page. To get there, you need to login, then click on the diner dropdown button in the navigation bar, and then click on wallet.

This is the same wallet page as you've always seen, except now you can scroll down to reveal new sections.

There is a section for your wallet, which shows how much credits you have left, how much were redeemed through the account, and how much were used. Scrolling further down, you can enter a credit code, verify you're not a robot and click "Redeem Credits" to redeem a credit code. After doing so, a visual card will appear in this same section specifying the exact code, the value of the code, the orders it was used on, the amount left on that specific code, and when it was redeemed, as shown below. This added value will reflect in the wallet totals.

Click to Enlarge the Redeem Credits Image.

Redeem Credits

How Do I Buy Zestyer Credits?

Buying credit codes, is done on the same page in the next section. You get a list of all the codes purchased by this account. Each card in this list will tell you if the code is claimed or by how many it was claimed, the value of the code, if its redemption is restricted, the auto redemption referral code, and when it was purchased.

Further down, you can purchase credits. Credit codes are purchased at the exact price you choose and no fees are collected. So if you buy a $10.00 credit code the redeemer will get $10.00 in credits.

First you must choose if you'd like a private or a public code.

A public code is designed for marketers who are promoting Zestyer. Once you select public, you may choose your credit code. It must be a string of only lowercase letters and numbers. Nothing else will be accepted, as shown below.

Click to Enlarge the Public Code Image.

Public Code

A private code is for private use. Zestyer will automatically generate a 16 character uppercase alphanumeric string that can be given to others for redemption of the credits.

Click to Enlarge the Private Code Image.

Private Code

Next you must choose the value of the code. A minimum of $3.00 is required.

Next you must choose how many codes to buy. At least 1 is required. Choosing multiple private codes will generate multiple random character strings. Choosing multiple public codes will generate one credit code that can be redeemed multiple times.

Next you can restrict who can redeem codes. A credit code can be restricted to only users with one of your referral codes, any of your referral codes, and/or users who have never placed an order (new users).

Next you can let Zestyer auto redeem your credit codes to users who have any or a specific one of your referral codes.

Next select your payment methods and click "Purchase Credits"

The new code will appear as one of the items on the list of purchased credit codes.

How Do I Spend Zestyer Credits?

Spending credits is the best part. It's integrated into the payment system. Anywhere where you can select a payment and are permitted to use credits a small checkbox will appear saying "Use Your $[Dollar Amount] Wallet Credit As Much As Possible". Checking this box will automatically use your credits. If your payment amount does not exceed your wallet credit, you card will not be touched. If your cost exceeds your wallet credit, your card will be charged. You will be prompted to enter card details if you haven't selected a card to process. Please note that a minimum charge of $0.50 (50 cents) is required to charge a card. If your cost does not exceed your wallet credit by $0.50 or more, your card will be charged exactly $0.50 and your wallet credit will be used for the rest.

Click to Enlarge the Credits Order Image.

Credit Order

Click to Enlarge the Credits Tip Image.

Credits Tip

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