If you got to this article from a link that describes when an order is autopaid, you may skip to the end for a short summary. However, reading the article will help you better understand how you're (both diners and chefs) protected from malicious people on Zestyer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Both chefs and diners want to know that the other party will hold up their end of the deal. With Zestyer, that's super simple.

By having Zestyer as an intermediary, both the chef and diner are assured that they will get what they want or, at the very least, do not lose their money or ingredients/time.

Let's Start With Diners - How Are Diners Protected?

Zestyer ensures the diner can, at any point, either get his/her order or get his/her payment. However, the diner is not without responsibility, a diner may lose his/her funds if he/she fails to get the order. This means a diner is responsible for picking up the order or opening the door, depending on whether it's a pick up or delivery order. Let's see how Zestyer protects diners at every step.

Diner Orders - When the diner orders, Zestyer collects payment information and a promise on behalf of the diner to pay for the order. The diner is not charged and the payment method is not used in a way that subtracts for the diner's assets or that could possibly subtract from the diner's assets in the future.

Order Confirmed - The chef confirms the order. This is when the diner's payment method is charged. A diner would see a pending charge on the payment method with their bank. If a charge of the order amount could not be made with the payment method, the order is denied when the chef tries to confirm it. So the diner looses no money and the chef does not loose any food/time. In the case of a successful charge, the funds are sent to Zestyer. Zestyer holds these funds. When Zestyer holds funds, Zestyer has the authority to either release them to the chef (pay the chef) or refund them to the diner (give them back to the diner).

The Order Goes Through Some Statuses - The chef is the party that takes action for the majority of the open order statuses. Learn more about order statuses here. In short, an open order is one that will require action in the future. The statuses a chef marks on the receipt are "Ready for Pick Up" in the case of a pick up order and "Ready Out for Delivery" and "Exchanged" in the case of a delivery order. If a chef is more than 1 hour late over the estimates he/she gives, the order is automatically closed and the funds are refunded back to the diner. That way a diner will get his/her money back if something goes wrong.

The Diner Pays - When the chef marks the final open status of the order, a timer starts. The diner must take action on the order within this 24 hour timer. The diner's available actions for the order are to pay for the order or to dispute the order. If the diner is satisfied with their order, the diner will pay (the order was successful, the diner received his/her food). When a diner pays the funds are released to the chef and a refund will not be given. If the diner is dissatisfied with their order, the diner may file a dispute. Learn when to dispute here. This is done on the receipt, right below the button where the diner pays. When a dispute is filed, it shows up to the Zestyer support staff who will resolve it. Zestyer support aims to be fair and agreeable when resolving disputes. Diners and chefs are both listened to and support will side with whoever is correct. Either funds will be released to the chef or funds will be refunded to the diner, depending on who is in the right or, in most cases, who is in the least wrong. Disputes are taken care of quickly and fairly. If the diner takes no action within the 24 hour window, the funds are released to the chef automatically. This is called an autopaid order. The reasoning is that the chef has performed his/her duty and has wasted food. The payment is reimbursement for the food. This is how a diner is responsible for their order. The only time a diner will lose funds is due to his/her own inaction.

Now Chefs - How Are Chefs Protected?

Order Confirmation - Before a chef begins working on an order, the chef must confirm the order. As soon as there is a successful confirmation, the diner's funds have been transferred to Zestyer. Zestyer holds these funds. When Zestyer holds funds, Zestyer has the authority to either release them to the chef (pay the chef) or refund them to the diner (give them back to the diner). If an order is not successfully confirmed, the payment method may be invalid or insufficient. In that case, the order will be denied, regardless of what the chef click/taps on the website/app. If an order is confirmed, then Zestyer has the funds and the chef can start working without worrying about not getting paid. So chefs are protected.

The Chef Prepares And Exchanges The Order - A receipt is created once an order is confirmed. It keeps track of the various stages of the order's preparation. If a chef follows the receipt instructions, the chef will receive payment for the order. Even in the case of a dispute, Zestyer support will side with the chef, if the chef follows the receipt. Give reasonable and accurate time estimates to prevent the order from being closed due to chef lateness. In the event that the chef is 1 hour late to meet the estimates he/she gives, the order is automatically closed and the funds are refunded to the diner. Therefore, the only time a chef will not get paid is due to his/her own actions.

Diner Pays - Once an order is moved into the last state a chef can move it, a 24 hour timer starts. Within this time frame, a diner must take action. This is done by the diner going to his/her receipt and clicking pay (funds are released to the chef) or clicking dispute (disputing the order). If the diner takes more than 24 hours to pay, the funds are automatically released to the chef. The diner may choose to dispute the order if it is unsatisfactory. Zestyer support will step in and handle the situation (either refunding the funds or releasing them). As long as the chef prepares the order as advertised, follows the receipt, and properly packages the order, Zestyer support will side with the chef and release funds to him/her.

As you can see, by using Zestyer, you have assurances that your work will be rewarded and your orders will be fulfilled. This system cuts down on food waste, and lets diners know the exact cost of the order before ordering. It's all very simple and easy to use. Sign up and start ordering or get to cooking.

A short summary of when an order is Autopaid.

To ensure diners pay for their orders, Zestyer can and will release held funds to chefs automatically. The terms of service a diner agrees to when using/ordering with Zestyer state: the diner is responsible for paying the full amount of a confirmed order, regardless of whether or not the diner does his part to get the order. The funds are charged to a diner's payment method when the order is confirmed and are held by Zestyer until it is appropriate to release them to the chef. It is appropriate to release funds when a diner explicitly tells Zestyer by clicking the button on the receipt, or when a sufficient amount of time has passed and the diner took no action. If a diner takes longer than 24 hours to pay for or pick up and pay for the order once it's ready, the diner's funds are automatically released to the chef. This is called an autopaid order. The 24 hour timer starts when the chef marks the order as "Ready for Pick Up" or "Exchanged" depending on whether the order is pick up or delivery. Zestyer protects diners in the case that a chef does not prepare, deliver or exchange goods. In such a case, the chef may not move the order along at all. If that happens, the diner is refunded an hour after the latest estimate. If the chef is moving along an order and is not actually preparing food, a diner must file a dispute instead of paying during the 24 hour window. This can be done on the receipt page right below the action to pay. It is crucial for the diner to know that once he/she pays for an order, funds are released and refunding becomes much harder. Only click the pay for an order you are satisfied with. And if you order something and are dissatisfied, make sure to dispute otherwise, the funds will be autopaid. Read when to dispute an order here.

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