The Zestyer
Union City Summer

Running From August 13th 2018 12:00AM EST to September 3rd 2018 4:00AM EST

What is Zestyer?

Zestyer is a food marketplace where users can order foods from other users. Order delicious meals for less or earn money by cooking from home. Read about Zestyer's advantages over restaurants here, Zestyer's safety here, and your guaranteed Zestyer service here.

Want to be a Chef?

We are running a promotions for new chefs. New chefs in the qualifying area can recieve a $500 bonus and free food packaging for their first 20 orders. Read more about the Zestyer Union City Chef Promotion here. Learn more about why you'd want to be a chef here, the process of becoming a chef here, and getting started as a chef here.

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What's the Promotion?

  • Every new user in or around Union City, NJ can earn up to

  • $30
  • in Zestyer credits!

Follow these steps and you'll redeem up to $30 ($10 at a time) to spend on food and/or delivery.

Simply, sign up with an address inside the promotional area. See "Qualify" on the right hand side for a list of qualifying zip codes. Once signed up, confirm your email address by clicking a link in your email.

This is to prove you're a new, unique user. What is my card used for and how is my card verified?

That's it! You get $10!

Refer a Friend

You will receive a promotional referral code. Share it with a friend in the Union City area (another person who qualifies for this promotion). Once your friend completes step 2 (add a valid & unique payment card) and enters your promotional referral code, your friend will receive $10 (for being a new user) and you will receive another $10. Read more about this promotion's redeemed credits here.

When your friend completes Step 2,
you get another $10!

Refer a Chef

If your friend chooses to apply and receives verification to be a chef, you will be given another $10. Please note, you must have completed step 3 (refer a friend) to get the additional $10 credit.

You get your last $10!

You have completed the Zestyer Union City Summer Promotion. Enjoy your $30 in free credits!


We're looking for users, 18 years or older, in the Union City, NJ area. This extends to the cities of Hoboken, Secaucus, West New York, and Guttenberg. Specifically, addresses in the following zip codes qualify.

    • 07087

    • 07030

    • 07086

    • 07094

    • 07047

    • 07093

How Do I Know If I Qualify?

You will see a small popout to the left of your screen once you login. It is shown below. It will update as you complete the steps.

Click to Enlarge the Promotion Popout Image.

Promotion Popout

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Lisa lives in Secaucus. Lisa knows Josh who lives in Union City. Lisa also knows Joe who lives in Fort Lee.

Example 1: Lisa signs up and gets $10. She can spend these credits on whatever she'd like. Lisa tells Josh about Zestyer and he also signs up. Josh is given $10 as he lives in Union City. Josh enters Lisa's promotional referral code. The code will give Lisa an additional $10. Josh may choose to share his own promotional referral code with someone other than Lisa and he will receive the same $10 Lisa received for Josh's referral.

Example 2: Lisa signs up and gets $10. She can spend these credits on whatever she'd like. Lisa tells Joe about Zestyer and he also signs up. Joe is not given $10 as he lives in Fort Lee (outside the promotion area). Joe enters Lisa's promotional referral code. The code will not work for the same reason. If Joe changes his address to something within the promotional area, Joe will receive $10 in credits and Lisa will receive her additional $10. If Joe then changes back to the original address, both Lisa's additional $10 and Joe's initial $10 will be taken away.

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How is my Card Verified?

This promotion asks for a payment card to prove your account is new and unique. Zestyer does not retain raw payment card data. More on this in the last paragraph of this section.

When you are eligible for the promotion, have not completed step 2 (add a valid & unique payment card), and add a card, your card is immediately charged.

A small charge, usually $0.50, is requested. If the request is successful, the funds are immediately refunded. The payment method will be added to your account. The uniqueness of your account will be established at that point and you will have completed step 2 (add a valid & unique payment card).

You may delete this payment method or add more. Your bank will display a charge of $0.50 and show it in the pending (unsettled, requested, etc.) state almost immediately. The request to refund, however, will take some time to reflect with your bank. Eventually, your bank should show this charge is refunded (canceled, denied, etc.). The charge may disappear completely from your statements. A pending charge on any card should not be included in your balance as it is not settled. This $0.50 charge will not be used for anything so rest assured if your refund does not go through, you may contact us and we will refund it manually. Contact us with any problem with an email to from your login email with the subject "Zestyer Union City Summer Promotion Problem", or through Zestyer Support. If a card is denied the $0.50 charge, it will not be added to your account and there will be nothing to refund.
Zestyer do not retain raw payment card data. Although not federal law, some state laws mandate the PCI Data Security Standard or an equivalent security standard for storing raw payment card data. More on PCI DSS. Zestyer is operational in all 50 states, including those with PCI compliance laws. Zestyer Software LLC and its servers or the servers of its affiliates, partners, etc. are not PCI compliant, meaning it's prohibited to store/receive or in any way 'touch' raw payment information. Therefore, we do not. Instead Zestyer uses a payment processor, Stripe, which handles billions of dollars in transaction annually, to store users' payment information. Stripe provides the Zestyer system with a unique hash of your payment card details. This is like a password hash, in the sense that it cannot be dehashed in a reasonable amount of time (think hundreds of years) but can be hashed within milliseconds. Therefore, if a user enters an already used card, it will be hashed by Stripe and matched to an already existing hash. However, if someone were to get access (in the event of security breach) to hashed payment card data it would take them far longer than any payment card's expiration date to retrieve raw card information and make the data usable in any malicious or meaningful way.

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New users can enter promotional referral codes at any time after they sign up in the promotional popout, shown above or here. Multiple users can claim the same promotional referral code. The referring user will only get one additional set of $10 credits. If a user, other than the one who gave the referring user the additional set of $10 credits, applies and becomes a chef, the referring user will receive the third set of $10 credits. If the same user who gave the additional set of $10 credits applies and becomes a chef, the referring user will also receive the third set of $10 credits.

Promotional referral codes are generated only after you complete step 2 (add a valid & unique payment card) and receive your first $10. If a user changes their address, their code is recycled and any future user to input the code would not give the original owner credit.

The credits redeemed through this promotion are restricted. They can only be used in the promotional area (Union City, Hoboken, Secaucus, etc.). A user may purchase Zestyer credits aside from this promotion. Promotional credits will be used first for any payment that accepts them. If a user attempts to use Zestyer credits redeemed through this promotion, outside of the promotional area the order will not succeed. Zestyer will charge the users payment method, meaning bought credits and/or the payment card.

The promotional referral code is not the same as a regular referral code. The referral code asked for at sign up is for the referral program. If you believe you can bring significantly more than one user to Zestyer, please read about the Zestyer Referral Program here, and contact us at to get started.

Eligibility for participation in this promotion is restricted to people living in or around Union City, NJ, and to persons 18 years or older as is the use of Zestyer in general. All credit redemptions are subject to reversal under the discretion of Zestyer Software LLC. All credit redemptions are to be subject to review at any time and by no means final. Users are not entitled to the Zestyer credits redeemed with and during this promotion. Rather, accounts owned and managed by Zestyer Software LLC are the holders of these credits. Credits redeemed in this promotion are therefore loaned out to the respective users at no cost and will be collected back at the end of the promotion, September 1st 4:00AM EST which is 12:00AM PST. Once credits from this promotion are spent, by any user, ownership will be transferred to the user who spent them at the time of purchase and at no cost to the user. Credits which have been spent (and ownership transferred) can no longer be collected at the end of the promotion. Collection of such credits will not happen and the user, who redeemed these credits, is not expected to cover any cost of such credits.

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Problem? Contact us through Zestyer Support or email from your login email with the subject "Zestyer Union City Summer Promotion Problem"

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